Basic tips for handling a Hyperactive Child at home

  • Posted On : 09 August 2022

What is Hyperactivity of a child?

Hyperactive Child is one, that frequently seek out movements and can have difficulty sitting still,
constant moving, being easily distracted, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, fidgeting and inability to

Why they are Hyperactive?

  • Hyperactive kids want more sensation from the environment, simply because of how their brain works.
  • Their brain is looking for more sensation and it won’t be satisfied until it gets it.


Here are some basic tips for handling a hyperactive child at home:

There are several calming activities, we can give them at home. So that they can focus and concentrate.

1. Joint compression- Give them joint compression at shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, knee, ankle.

2. Take your child in your lap and rocks slowly (before sleeping)

  • Hold him tightly, if he is comfortable.


3. Give tactile input, if they have tactile issues

  • Deep brushing
  • Play with therapeutic sand


4. Steam- rolling by therapy ball

  • Have him lay on his stomach (Prone)
  • Start from back and roll it over the child body
  • Use deep pressure, if the child is comfortable


5. Massage

  • Massage on child’s arms hands
  • Massage on legs, feet and back
  • Massage in deep long stroke


6. Slow rocking on therapy ball

7. Blowing activity (bubbles, balloons)

8. Bean-bag activities

  • Sitting on beanbag


9. Pillow Sandwich

  • Laying him down on his belly
  • Press his body with pillow


10. Slow rocking on rocking chair

11. Wrapping the Child in a sheet

  • Wrap the child and give him deep pressure.


12. Pressing fingertips

  • Helps to calm their nervous system


13. Pressing a squeezy ball

  • It works as a stress reliever


14. Make some environmental changes

  • You can give them calm music
  • Dim Lights helps to reduce hyperactivity
  • Keep them in tight place