Special Education Therapy is not the same as like the general education method

  • Posted On : 22 January 2022

What is Special Education?
Special Education or Special Needs Education is the form of education planet for the students with special
needs in a way that addresses the students.
(1) Individual Differences
(2) Needs

Special Education is instruction-based programme that specifically designed to meet the special needs of the
children with disabilities. Its also specially designed instructions that meet the unusual needs of the
exceptional students.

How Special Education is Different from General Education:
The difference between Special Education and General Education is that Special Education is a separate
system of education designed for the needs of differently-abled children, whereas General Education is
provided for all normal child.

Purpose of Special Education:

  • Special Education Aims at to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with the environment that allows them to be educated effectively.
  • Disabilities that qualify for special education include all type of physical, mental and behavioural disabilities.
  • To main stream the CWSN (Child With Special Needs) children in the current society.


Who Needs Special Education:

  • Gifted children and fast learners
  • Mentally handicapped/ mentally retarded
  • Visually impaired
  • Hearing impaired
  • Children with behaviour problems
  • Orthopedically handicapped
  • Children with special health problems
  • Children with learning disabilities (Perceptual Handicapped, Brain injury, Minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia and developmental aphasia)
  • Speech Impact
  • Person with Autism


Activity under Special Education:

  • Match the cards
  • Build Structures
  • Make some art
  • Dance to a tune
  • Alphabet Tracing
  • Numerical Games
  • Colour Identification
  • Size and Shape Perception
  • Food Coloring
  • Find the puzzle piece
  • Joining dots


Madhusmita Sethy
(Special Educator)