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Difference between Stuttering and Cluttering

  • Posted On : 29 May 2023
  • Stuttering
    • Overall symptom complex is Cluttering being ...


  • Posted On : 19 May 2023

Apraxia is poorly understood neurological condition. People who have it find difficult or impossible to make certain motor movements , even though their muscles a...

What is play–based speech therapy?

  • Posted On : 22 March 2023

Play-based/play therapy is when speech language pathologist (SLP) plans speech and/or language activities around a play toy or activity.     &...

Speech Disorder

  • Posted On : 07 March 2023

What are speech disorders

Speech disorders can affect the way a person creates sound to form words.Certain voice disorders may also be consi...

Addressing the types of developmental delays in Children

  • Posted On : 28 January 2023

What is developmental delay?

A developmental delay is when a child is consistently behind peers in reaching milestones in an area of develop...


  • Posted On : 13 January 2023


Articulation is the inability to properly form certain word Sounds.

Eg- A distorting a word would ...

Role of a Special educator

  • Posted On : 19 November 2022

1. The role of a special educator is to work with students with developmental disabilities, ranging from mild to severe needs.

2. They are specialist teachers qualified ...


  • Posted On : 22 August 2022


  1. By 12months if the child is not using gestures, such as pointing or waving bye.
  2. C...

Basic tips for handling a Hyperactive Child at home

  • Posted On : 09 August 2022

What is Hyperactivity of a child?

Hyperactive Child is one, that frequently seek out movements and can have difficulty sitting still,

Is sensory challenges is a part of aggressive behaviour?

  • Posted On : 21 May 2022

Sensory challenges-

Sensory issues occur when a child has a difficult time receiving and responding to information from their senses. Childr...


  • Posted On : 21 May 2022

Motor Development Skills - Sensory play helps a child explore, discover, and create using motor skills, like dumping, filling, scooping.


Special Education Therapy is not the same as like the general education method

  • Posted On : 22 January 2022

What is Special Education?
Special Education or Special Needs Education is the form of educ...

Does your child have ADHD symptoms?

  • Posted On : 21 January 2022

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that includes a
combination of persistent problems such as difficulty pay...

Does sensory integration therapy really work?

  • Posted On : 09 December 2021

What is Sensory Integration(SI)?

  • Sensory Integration(SI)is a neurogical process, It makes sense of and organizes sensations fr...